Information for Parents

Parents are the cornerstone of any child's education. We need parents to be involved in the day to day operations of the schools.

Five Things to Remember

1. Read Everyday With Your Child!

  • Books, labels, newspapers, signs, instructions, etc.
  • Ask them to tell you about what they read

2. Attendance

  • Students need to be on time everyday
  • Vacation during breaks only
  • Try to schedule doctor appointments and celebrations after school hours

3. Homework, Projects, Tests

  • Do I know when they are?
  • Are they being completed and turned in?
  • Ensure good study habits and routines

4. Communication

  • 3 – way (school, parent, student)
  • Your teacher is only a phone call or e-mail away
  • Set up a conference

5. Involvement

  • Research indicates that when parents are involved in their child’s education and school, student achievement increases